Boys wear their hats backwards so they can kiss other boys is a blend of testimony, physical theatre, dance and poetry to create a show that celebrates queer relationships, love, and sex.


We want to show the small joys in loving, being loved, expressing your true self and the small but significant moments in queer life today in a positive light, as opposed to the all too common tragic narratives presented to us.


To do this we will utilize an intimate, warm, homely aesthetic in our technical elements, to ground and contextualize the more abstracted and poeticized elements of the performance.

Cast List

Emma McComish

Gabriel Sayer

Ciara Murphy

Reb Emerson-Gold

Sam Pout

Tabatha Gregg

Andrea Gillespie


Co-Director/Writer - Austin Seddon

Co-Director/Choreographer - Michael Greenwood

Producer - Nicola Hurst

DSM - Eden Tinsey

Production Designer/Stage Manager - Livvie Garnett

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