Director/Writer: Phoebe Stringer 

Assistant Director: Becky Hinde 

Producer: Darcy Rak 

Stage Manager: James Forth 

Emily Hannan: Publicity 


Lucy Doig 

Grace Petrie

Lewis Shepherd 

When the concept of Three Fish in a Tree was formed the director, Phoebe, wanted to find out how people around her, Drama students and others felt about learning difficulties. People were asked to write down their own thoughts and experiences. We hung each idea on a Tree and allowed students to read and be actively involved in learning about how misrepresentation is constructed. This play is not following ADHD, dyslexia and autism but simply following the people who live with those conditions- Poppy, Sasha and Thomas. These characters are based onthree real people who have let us have an insight into their lives. We have asked them to translate their feelings into art by creating threecanvases which will be a stimulant for devising. Have a voice. Get involved. Make a difference. Three fish in a tree.


Cast List 


Woman | Jenny Collins

Deviser A | Gabriel Sawyer 

Man | Sean Simmons-Barry

Deviser B | Lucy Sarasin 

Deviser C | Maddy Biggs



Eloise Baker

Jack Elmore

Sam Pout

Livvy Scott

Anna Stanyon