Di and Viv and Rose

By Amelia Bullmore

Amelia Bullmore’s heart-warming comedy Di and Viv and Rose tells the story of three girls with very different personalities, whose lives are thrown together when they are put in the same halls of residence at university.


Di and Viv and Rose premiered at Hampstead Downstairs in 2011 where it was a sell-out success before transferring to the West End, and has now made its way to Egham!


Can friendship last the test of time? Is any one motive pure? 


“This play that was ostensibly a comedy delivers a punch to the solar plexus that is palpable through the audience...In the end, Di and Viv and Rose is a moving and surprising pleasure of an evening, that sends you out into the night with a lump in your throat." (Serena Davies, The Telegraph)

Production Team

Director | Lizzy Fretwell

Producer | Clem Jones

Stage Manager | Gaby Pearson

DSM | Vilde Wessel Ljungberg

A FRIENDS themed Launch Night for Di and Viv and Rose

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