Terry Pratchett's®

Guards! Guards!


A flat, circular world rests on the back of four elephants, stood atop the shell of a giant turtle floating through space. The Discworld®, filled with magic, wonder and danger.


The infamous city of Ankh-Morpork is under threat from a fire-breathing dragon and the city's fate lies in the hands of four members of the underpaid, undervalued guards of the Night Watch. A drunken and world-weary Captain, a cowardly Sergeant, an opportunistic Corporal and their newest recruit, who hasn't quite got the hang of it all yet. Oh dear.


This amateur productions was produced by The Student Workshop with permission from Colin Smyth Ltd.




Production Team:


Timothy Barker - Director

Drew Rae Tucker - Producer

Rebecca Hitchcox - DSM

Gabriella Pearson - SM

Alexis Mumford - Publicity

Vilde Wessel Ljungberg - Tech

Through fundraisers, the cast and crew of Guards! Guards! Raised over £150 for Orangutan Foundation and for Alzheimer's research!

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