Never Swim Alone

Never Swim Alone is a swift, brutal satire about two men and their ruthless competition to be top dog. Frank and Bill, square off in a thirteen round surreal egotistical boxing match in a bid to win the love of the Referee. This mysterious woman controls the game and its competitors in a world where the only option is to be the first, and nothing is as it seems.

The play presents a haunting investigation into perceptions of both masculinity and egotism, as well as how trauma shapes who we are. MacIvor unfolds the world of the play through mesmerising dialogue which presents technical demands on the performer as they shift between heartfelt, poetic prose to complex repetition and unison speaking.

With no actors leaving the stage, this play stops for no one. Never Swim Alone serves as 50 minutes of conflict, tension and ruthlessness. 

And so we have a cast! We'd like to thank everyone who auditioned for the array of talent and commitment on show. Despite an intense recall process, you all worked so hard. If anyone would like any feedback, please feel free to message our Facebook page and we will get back to you by Sunday.


Our cast list is as follows:


Referee - Tabatha Gregg


Frank - Jack Read


Bill - Azan Ahmed


Our shadow list is as follows:


Shadow Director - Bethany Latham


Shadow Producer - Rebecca Goh


Shadow Stage Manager - Saoirse Ferris