The Bald Prima Donna

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: a very English couple who live in a very English house, on a very English road in a very English city. They invite the Martins, another very English couple, over for a visit. The Smith’s maid Mary, and her lover the Fire Chief, are eventually caught up in the two couples meaningless and nonsensical banter, stories and poems.


The Bald Prima Donna was The Student Workshop's First Year Production in 2015. Below are some rehearsal images and promotional material.

Production Team

Director | Austin Seddon

Producer | Paige McCulloch

Executive Producer and Production Liason | Victoria Horan

Stage Manager | Tammi Humphryes

Deputy Stage Manager | Hannah Diver

Publicity | Kerry Harrison




For The Student Workshop's Rehearsal Room Production in 2014, Jump the Puddle produced Ella Hickson’s Eight. This was an adventurous production which made use of social media to sway the audience's votes.

From the programme note:


At the end of last year, a group of RHUL drama students got together and formed Jump the Puddle Theatre. We created Jump the Puddle to do something different. We want to try new things, get stuff wrong. For us, this is a chance to experiment and a chance to learn. We’ve no idea what we’re doing! Hickson’s Eight is completely crazy. I absolutely love it and I hope you all do too! The play uses 8 separate monologues to paint a brutal but realistic picture of the world we live in today. We have lost the faculty for faith. We are a consumerist society who relies on the ability to choose whenever and wherever we like. Out of the 8 monologues, only 4 perform. The creative team has no say in the matter: it’s all down to you as the audience to vote for your favorites. No pressure! Like I said, Eight’s completely crazy and has become a great starting point for Symbiotic. Thank you so much for coming to see the show – we really appreciate it! Enjoy!


Charlotte Discombe + Jump the Puddle #8lovin’


For more information and behind the scenes footage, go to Jump the Puddle's website:!symbiotic-project/ckol





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