Sit On It

Royal Holloway Student Workshop presents their Autumn Term Caryl Churchill Show: Georgina Titheridge's "Sit On It", by arrangement with Playmarket. Sit On It explores the comings and goings of a handful of young people in the girls bathroom of a nightclub. It shines a light on the grubbier side of being a girl in a hilariously honest and relatable way, providing a stage for a dirtier femininity that is often ignored in a public setting. In a juxtaposition of private and public, Sit On It interrogates what it really means to be ladylike in the ladies room.

We've done it!! After three days of being consistently mind blown by some incredible talent, we finally have a cast!! Thank you so so much for all of the people who came and gave it your all tonight.


Our cast list is as follows:


Jen - Eden Tinsey


Jenny - Molly Blumsom


Millie - Reneé Earl Janett


Joe - Nicola Hurst


Tammy - Jess Coburn


Vanessa - Alicia Ingram


Bell - Fab Piolini-Castle


Carla - Amber Lickerish


Monica - Kerry Harrison


Frances - Hannah France


Wendy - Abi Slade


Dan - Adam Gregory


Mike - Dominique Reid


Anyone who applied for the shadow scheme will be contacted shortly. Please can everyone meet in the Katherine Worth Foyer at 6pm tomorrow (Friday). We will be in contact with you asap with more info!! #dontbreaktheseal